Our partners are vital to us. Together we form a strong alliance to create a new standard for bowling tournaments.

Storm Bowling Products

Storm Bowling Products is our Creative Partner. Their purpose:

Our company must not only hold to the highest standards of innovation, quality workmanship, and performance of its products, we must also strive to grow the sport of bowling. We must create enthusiasts! Our purpose is to continue to inspire existing bowlers and to foster and develop new bowlers. We must continue to educate pro shops on Industry best-practices to properly service their customers to insure all who choose our equipment have the best chance at positive experiences.

De Velsense Meubelmaker

The Velsense Meubelmaker is a Dutch furniture builder company. For the SDO they will built several things like: trophies, promotional boardings and ball return covers. Beside their activities during the SDO 2017 they build all kind of wooden furnitures by hand and with the best quality.